We Understand That Quality Matters

WorldWide Medical (WWM) and their Subcontracting Partners' commitment to physician staffing for federal, state, and local facilities is unmatched in the healthcare industry. Our government offering streamlines the process of finding physicians for our government clients. We will work to fully understand your facility's needs and ensure that each provider is in tune to their duties and nature of their position. 

At WWM, we know that even the best medical facilities are only as good as their team of physicians, nurses, managers and administrators. We go beyond finding talent that works, to finding talent that resonates with your organization. Our medical staffing recruiters know the top healthcare professionals are not always actively looking for a new position. Our database of nationwide healthcare professionals can help find the right candidate for your needs.

We Provide Customized Solutions

WWM has expert understanding of government medical environments and proven success in navigating through operationally demanding and compliance-driven government environments. Whether you need a temporary provider, someone on a long term basis or a permanent placement, we can meet your needs. WWM and their Subcontracting Partners' offer WWM customers personalized solutions to meet their staffing requirements.

WWM offers healthcare professionals in various labor categories, including:

  • Physician Management

  • Physicians

  • Mid-Levels

  • Nursing Professionals

  • Pharmacy

  • Allied Professionals

Each professional is pre-screened, credentialed, and matched to your specific qualifications. We take the time to understand your organization’s mission, values and culture. With that knowledge, we are able to find the best talent to accomplish your goals.

WWM offers cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet your unique requirements and budgets. As a leading healthcare staffing agency, we solve our facilities' toughest challenges. We have built our reputation through unparalleled Subcontracting Partnerships, customer service, and personalized attention. 

Experienced Recruiters

While sourcing technology expands our outreach, nothing can compare to recruiting team and partner's decades of experience. It’s the human side of our business that allows us to understand clinical roles, licensing industry focus and requirements, employment laws and market trends.

WWM and their Subcontracting Partners' do more than just recruit physicians in locum tenens jobs. Each placement is a balance of facility goals and patient care standards and considers both physician personalities and expertise. 

We won’t waste your time with unavailable or unqualified practitioners. WWM only submits physicians who have been pre-screened, who have agreed to the dates of coverage that you have requested, and can fulfill the daily duties and procedures that you require.

Quality Programs

WWM is committed to quality in everything we do. We understand the importance of quality service delivery, hiring, retention of quality candidates, and ensuring that all processes are executed and improved consistently and continuously. 

This commitment to continuous quality improvement is reflected by our in-house CMO and CNO, both of whom are directly involved in any Focused Professional Practice Evaluations (FPPE) and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations (OPPE). They'll ensure that our provider’s specific performance or trends are identified for remediation, education and/or discipline.  

We also understand the regulatory environment our customers operate with, across all the clinical settings throughout the continuum of care. We know that any job done by a healthcare professional, whether bedside or administrative, has an impact on patient outcomes and there is nothing more important than striving for the best result.

WWM’s Quality Program engages all levels of employees of the company in our offices and in the field. The core elements of the program include those areas most critical to healthcare organizations and the regulatory bodies governing them, highlighted below:

  • Credentialing

  • Competency

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Risk Management

  • Performance Management

  • Audit and Review

This comprehensive approach to managing quality demonstrates how seriously WWM and their Subcontracting Partners' commit to doing it right the first time.

Whether you are a customer receiving services, a teaming partner or an employee, you can be confident that by working with WWM you are affiliating with a company whom understands, quality matters.

If you'd like to incorporate WorldWide Medical's Quality Programming into your healthcare facility, contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you to assist you with all of your temporary, long-term and permanent staffing needs.