Job Description

The Cheyenne River Health Center (CRHC), falls under the Great Plains Area Office

(GPAO). Cheyenne River Health Center (CRHC) provides medical care for approximately

9,000 tribal members living on the CRST Reservation. Serving a rural area, many of our patients

travel 100 miles round trip to receive care. The CRHC was built in 2011 to provide an

expanded level of health care services specifically designed to meet the needs of the CRHC

population. The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe through a 638 contract with IHS, operates four

satellite health stations which offer basic ambulatory services at Cherry Creek, Red Scaffold,

Swiftbird, and Whitehorse communities. Services include: Emergency Room Department,

Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Public Health Nursing, Radiology Services, Inpatient Care,

Laboratory, MRI, Dental, Community Health, Contract Health Services, Dietitians, Audiology,

Eye Care, Inpatient, Pain Management, and Specialist Clinics: OB/GYN, ENT, Podiatry &



Duties shall encompass:

1. The contract pharmacist shall assist in ensuring the appropriate use of pharmaceutical

problems by each patient within the requirements and objectives of the patient’s total

healthcare plan. The contract pharmacist shall participate in activities to:

• Ensure appropriate pharmacotherapy for each patient. The Contract

pharmacist shall use his/her professional knowledge and skill to

communicate clinical judgments to the treatment Learn and the patient.

• Assess the patient’s knowledge and capability for

understanding/communicating the treatment plan. The contract

pharmacist shall educate the patient/family/caregiver to increase the

understanding and knowledge of the patient’s treatment plan.

• Determine with the patient potential problems in adhering to the treatment

plan. The contract pharmacist shall help the patient/family/caregiver

generate solutions to potential treatment plan adherence problems.

• Monitor outcomes for each patient as appropriate.

• Prepare the pharmaceutical products. The contract pharmacist shall

prepare, or oversee the preparation by a pharmacy technician or

automated device, the pharmaceutical product.

• Prepare the label. The contract pharmacist shall perform routine

prescription data entry and create the label for the medication.

• Present the prescribed medication to the patient. The contract pharmacist

shall deliver or supervise the delivery of the medication to the patient,

counsels as required by law or regulation and provides education

material to the patient appropriate for the ordered medic11tion,

document activities.

• Experience working with ln RPMS, EHR and ScriptPro is not mandatory but is



Minimum Qualifications

Education: A doctoral degree in Pharmacy that is recognized by the Accreditation Council for

Pharmacy Education (ACPE) or an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of

Education at the time the degree was obtained.


Licensure: Applicants must be licensed to practice pharmacy in a State, the District of Columbia,

the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States.

Experience: Applicant’s qualifications background must demonstrate the knowledge, skills,

abilities, and competencies necessary to perform the work of the position. Pharmacy work

requires knowledge of the use, clinical effects, and composition of medications, including their

chemical, biological, and physical properties. Qualifying professional pharmacy experience may

involve, but is not limited to:

 Dispensing medications prescribed by physicians and other health practitioners and

providing information to health practitioners and patients about proper usage of

medications and side effects;

 Performing administrative, consultative, or staff advisory work for a medical facility’s

pharmacy program;

 Planning, monitoring and evaluating medication programs or regimens;

 Establishing medication-handling procedures for the storage and preservation of


 Researching medical literature and/or clinical medication information to provide accurate

responses to inquiries; and/or

 Maintaining all medication records required by law.



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  • Weekly Pay- Direct Deposit every Friday
  • Malpractice insurance coverage
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Full-service housing & travel scheduling


If available, the Cheyenne River Health Center, has a limited number of housing available. The Contractor is

required to pay rent for offered housing. The housing regulations and rental rate is determined by the CRHC

Housing guidelines. If there is no housing available the Contractor will be responsible to secure housing in the

surrounding town and/or rural area. Please do an internet search for area hotels and/or rentals.

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